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Elephant Interaction & Monkey Sanctuary Tour


Activity Description

An Elephant Interaction followed by a Guided Monkey Sanctuary Tours is the perfect way to start your day in Hartbeespoort dam.


DurationOpen Ended
WhenThis service is available all year.
WhereHartbeespoortdam at the Elephant Sanctuary & Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary. Please use Invoice Number as Reference on Payment Please arrive 30 min prior to start of program Package activities MUST BE DONE ON 1 DAY
WeatherThese tours will be cancelled in severe weather conditions.
What to WearComfortable clothing, flat shoes, sun hat or sunscreen.
Things to BringSunscreen, Hat, Camera and some more money.
Guests or SpectatorsAt both locations we have coffee shop/restaurant where your guests can wait for you.


Minimum Age0 years
Minimum Height0.0 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement
Maximum Weight0.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelNo Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions


-Elephant Interaction Experience
-Monkey Sanctuary Guided Tour

ExclusionsThe Elephant Ride can be booked as an additional activity. Any other items of a personal nature will be for your own account


Wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes as there will be a few walks involved between the different tours.

Customer Reviews

I loved every minute of my experience with the elephants, handlers and guide! I found them to be very friendly and willing to answer any questions. We really had a good day and we enjoyed being with the elephants! It was a wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend this experience to other people. It was a very special day and the guides and handlers made it so much more special for us!! - Bianca Pugin

I took my 24 year old goddaughter from the UK and according to her this was the best experience of her life to date! Thank you so much for making this so special for us. Some expiernces really touches your soul! - Mariana Kruger

We had a great time at the Elephant Sanctuary. Being so close to them and feed these animals was a fantastic experience. I recommend for those who want to know and understand a little bit more about them. Same for the monkeys. Just be careful with the pickpocketing ones. =) - Artur Sa

A wonderful experience for our overseas guests. It was lovely to see the respect and care with which the elephants were handled and our guide was very caring and patient and full of information. Definitely recommend, particularly for those who don’t have time or can’t do a game drive because of small children, or people looking for a little more information about elephants. - Jocasta Godlieb

It is expensive for locals but it is obvious where the funds go. So it is understandable. In the Kruger you are allowed a smaller rate if you can produce a South African ID. I am not sure if this is something that can be considered, but it may motivate locals to attend more. Having said that, there were many people. Mostly tourists. I felt that whilst we did get an extraordinary experience, we were rushed because of the group size. There was also a group ahead and behind us. This is not ideal if you are already paying top dollar. We waited to do the Elephant walk for what I would consider to be too long as the group ahead of us was not finished. Charles utilized this time with us for a Q&A session but eventually the group behind us caught up to us and waited as well. The elephant walk experience for me was incredible as they let me walk by myself. I had a 13 year old with me and he chose not to participate in this activity but to take photos instead. In the beginning of the tour we were solicited to buy a video which would document the entire tour. This would cost R200.00. Despite this being a total rip off in price we agreed to have our experience captured and expressed a keen interest as we wanted to share the experience with family and friends. We did not have time to view the video and just bought one when exiting the sanctuary. Upon getting home, eager to show our family members who could not attend, we were extremely disappointed that the entire elephant walk (the part I loved the most) was not even documented. We literally paid R200.00 for a video only documenting the elephant touch and feed experience. We visited the monkey sanctuary as well before the Elephant experience. This was lovely. We saw many different monkeys and it was very interesting. We could also see that they were fed very well (which also explains further why the costs involved for our visit was high). The facility was well maintained. We were very impressed with the knowledge of both the guides from the monkey as well as elephant experience. They were very well informed and it was an education for us, which we felt was incredibly stimulating and valuable along with the unique experience. There was a moment when a little boy ventured too close to an elephant trunk upon entering the elephant experience along the first enclosures and the guide immediately paid attention to the matter, which made me feel that we were in good hands. He was very calm but spoke with authority, which immediately made people listen without feeling intimidated or scared. Our guide (Charles) had a lovely sense of humour and we loved his interaction and obvious passion for the elephants. He was also able to give us some flora insights as well. He is a lovely ambassador for the sanctuary. The individual elephant handlers were also incredible. We were the first up to touch an elephant and the guide greeted us with a warm handshake and introduction. He immediately made us feel safe and relaxed and asked us not to feel scared. Despite the large number of people, we felt that he was invested in us personally for our short experience with him and his amazing animal. The reception staff was friendly and very helpful but despite their best efforts could not keep up with all the admin and volumes of people. They treated everyone very professionally but they were clearly completely overwhelmed. We wanted to purchase two soft drinks between our Monkey visit and Elephant experience. We were refered back to the admin reception desk to pay and stood there until we were almost late for our Elephant experience waiting to pay whilst the staff were frantically busy trying to cope with the volumes of admin. It was like standing at an incredibly busy bar waiting for one barman to mix a flurry of cocktails. I eventually walked back to where I got the drinks and asked them for the price, walked back to the reception desk with the exact cash in my hands, held up the drinks and slid the money across without a word as I made eye contact with one of the staff. She pulled the money across and nodded whilst she carried on multitasking. The facility was beautifully decorated and rustic. It was immaculately kept and the bathrooms were clean. Always a huge plus for a woman. It was a very hot day and people were offered complimentary tea and coffee whilst we waited for our Elephant experience to start. We were fine because we purchased cold drinks but some people remarked that jugs of ICE water would have been more enticing rather than tea or coffee in those temperatures. It was a lovely thought but would be much more practical if it was not so warm. Whilst waiting for the Elephant walk on the deck many people welcomed the water on hand and the bathroom facilities were also clean despite the volumes of people. We found the anatomy part very interesting but also felt that we were rushed and that there may have been more information, but that we were out of time for our guide to share it with us. This review was very critically written. The good far outweighed the bad. I will definitely return. (This was already my second visit). I feel very privileged for the opportunity. It was truly extraordinary. - Lyn Schmalzried

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